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What is going on with clients?

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Hermann M wrote:

I do not believe that there is any reality base in the 3 day statement - it
may have been so 6 months ago, but it is certainly not now - they simply
have not changed it since it sounds a lot better than 6 weeks to never and it is not just my personal experience since of the 36 I send out each has now 50+ proposals and not a single one was hired which obviously means that at least 50x36 freelancers have the same experience


I'm pretty sure that figure doesn't include projects on which no one is hired, since there's obviously no way to average in "never".

Of course,the fact that 50 other freelancers on each of your jobs shared your experience WITH THAT JOB in no way supports the conclusion that their average hire rates or time to hire are similar to yours.

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Gregory M Member Since: Jul 20, 2015
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Well, it's an average - as useful as the average body temperature in the hospital. In my industry, it's quite common for clients to hire within minutes.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "In my industry, it's quite common for clients to hire within minutes."


This is an important market niche within Upwork's platform.


As a freelancer, I sometimes look for jobs like that.


As a client, I have hired freelancers within minutes dozens of times.


I found there are many freelancers eager to work on short-term, fast-hire jobs.


As a client, it's great to be able to post a job posting that addresses a difficult question or task, hire somebody within about ten minutes, and have the project completed within an hour.