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What is "Auto Check-ins"?

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Steven E. L Member Since: May 5, 2015
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Wes C wrote:

Your note touts the benefit of avoiding ad hoc questions from clients. But those are precisely the kind of questions that we need to tune our understanding of the clients' needs and our communications with them. If a client has a question about what I'm working on or where I am with something, I want them to ask that right then and there because 1) I can address their concerns quickly 2) I can use that discussion as input to my priorities and future updates to them if needed and 3) It may spark something that needs to be tweaked in my approach to the project. If I wait until Friday to answer those three questions, chances are real good I'm not going to address what they've been holding off asking.

This is stated much more eloquently than I'm capable of; however, the importance must not be lost in the shuffle. I want, need, give, and expect timely, effective communication. Not annoying Mario Kart checkpoints so I don't have to put another quarter in the machine.


If I'm working on a project that has changed course, or the client's vision doesn't match the vision in my imagination, I need to know NOW. Not on Friday when I've spent a week heading down the wrong path and no one spoke up because "it wasn't time for a regularly scheduled check-in."

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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Wes C wrote:


However, someone who has experienced this from the client perspective posted early in this thread that they are prompted on every log in to turn this on.


What thought processes occurred for somebody (some people) to agree that was a good idea? Irritating freelancers is one thing, irritating clients is another. Surely the best approach would be to avoid as many pain points for clients as possible - not needlessly create more. I want clients to keep on putting as much money into the system as possible. We all do, right? Right, Upwork? 

I've not much more to say as I think it's already been said. Every time I open this I'm just shaking my head in disbelief at being made to feel so patronized. 


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Kayla B Member Since: May 12, 2017
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In fairness, I often get their notifications multiple times (Like when I
became top rated, or when they allowed us to bring clients for 0% fee) , so
it might not be *intended* that it popped up about 5 times before finally
going away for me. But that doesn't change how annoying it is nor the fact
that many clients will likely turn on the feature just to make the pop-ups

- Kayla
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Kayla B Member Since: May 12, 2017
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7 pages of comments, many from community gurus, and not a single positive thing to say about that feature.

I think your userbase has been pretty clear how they feel about this "feature"

But I'm sure you'll ignore us like usual. One day a competitor is going to actually listen to all the feedback you ignore.

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Jason Member Since: Jun 22, 2020
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WIthout having gone through this entire thread.... I had a client turn this on recently on a super small job that should be done shortly. What happens, if anything, if I don't check in? Does it impact me in a negative way or just give my client ammunition if they have a bad experience?

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David S M Member Since: Apr 24, 2018
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One day a competitor is going to actually listen to all the feedback you ignore.

Hear, Hear! 

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Brad A Member Since: Nov 24, 2016
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Prepare for the day when Microsoft launches the LinkedIn freelancing platform and corrects all the terrible mistakes here. Upwork will become the new MySpace.

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Mustafa Omer G Member Since: Aug 29, 2020
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Hmm, why don't you bug the client instead?


- Did you give proper directions to your Freelancer for this weeks work?

- Did you end up your contract?

- Did you communicate properly this week?

- Did you surprise the freelancer with demands that you didn't mention during contract phase this week?

- Name a few things the Freelancer did that made you think good/bad about the job's progress.

- What do you think you could have done better for this job to be a success?




Client goes dark, it's Freelancers burden to find them and try to end the contract or they feel it on their stats.

Clients do not know how to do stuff, it's Freelancers job to explain.

Clients get offended when they are reminded of ToS, Freelancer loses the job.


and now you expect the freelancer to report?


Meh. N/A would suffice for all answers.

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Ravikant R Member Since: Apr 19, 2019
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I've always believed that there should be a couple questions a freelancer should be able to direct at clients, which the freelancer himself/herself be able to phrase. 

For example, I do video editing here mainly. So, I should be able to set up a question for a freelancer when an offer is sent, which says:
1) Do you already have stills and logos or do you expect me to do graphic design as well?
2) Do you already have music sourced or do you want me to do the selection and consequent music edit?

Just some examples but similar thing is done by other freelancing platforms and this way freelancers can choose to throw in questions when an offer is sent without clear instructions. This kind of question-answer setup makes sense in such a scenario but what is being done here as pointed out by the OP is just bad and a waste of both the client's and freelancer's time. 

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David S M Member Since: Apr 24, 2018
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Oh, Upwork, ever hear of labor misclassification? It's a real thing in the U.S.  I hear Uber is battling this. You may want to "check-in" with your legal team again on how the US federal government views check-ins and oversight. 


This is just another reason why I'm broadening my income streams, looking for clients elsewhere, and doing less and less on the Upwork platform. Soon, perhaps a year or two from now, I really hope I've put my Upwork days behind me because of ridiculousness like this.