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What is really 24/48 hours for Customer Support?

Community Guru
Aleksandra K Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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I was just wandering what is 24/48 hours for Customer Support? I have an open ticket in relation to a non-paying client. I know it is not an urgent issue but I tend to think that if somebody says you will be hearing from them in 24/48 hours it is really the time they indicate. If they are not in a position to help me I would really appreciate if someone tells me that so I can mind my own business and leave an HONEST feedback about my non-paying client just for the sake of other naive people like myself.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Aleksandra,


I am sorry to hear about the delayed response. I have checked the ticket you are referring to and it has been forwarded to the department that handles such issues. However, it might take that department a bit longer to check the client's account, reach out to him and attempt to get your payment.

Unfortunately, it looks like the agreed amount was not funded in Escrow, so it is not eligible for dispute. I would recommend that you don't start working on a task before the milestone for it is funded and always submit work and request payment through the system. In that case, if the client ends the contract and requests the money from Escrow to be refunded, you will be able to dispute it.

~ Valeria
Community Guru
Aleksandra K Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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Hi Valeria,


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I have no problem in waiting as long as I know that something is happening. I now know that if the payment is not funded I can’t do much. Unfortunately I didn’t know that at the time I started working, but it seems that my client did. I hate to think he took advantage of the fact that I was new on oDesk to get my services for free.

To be honest I am no longer so worried about my payment (although I would like to get my money) but I am worried that it is not his first time. I have been checking some of the feedbacks he got and those he didn’t get, and I can see some red flags. In any case I would appreciate if oDesk can at least make sure this doesn’t happen to some other uninformed freelancer as me.