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What is the best and most secured payment method for Canada


I am new here and I would like to know the best payment method for Canada.I am not familiar with Pay Pal and I don't really feel confident to use it.

Could you also tell me if I need to let my bank know that I will be receiving some paymentys fronm your company. It's just to avoid that they reject some paymenty as I saw on other freelancers discussions.


Thank you


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PayPal, love it or hate it, is pretty easy and secure to use. Where a lot of people have issues is with using it with their eBay accounts (eBay owns PayPal these days) and having disputes arise over auctions. But if you're using it with Upwork, and following the guidelines for either hourly or fixed-price protection, you should have no issues.


PayPal itself has been around for roughly 19 years. Two of its co-founders include Peter Thiel (venture capitalist with a net worth of $2.6 billion USD) and Elon Musk (yes, the guy who just sent a Tesla Roadster to Mars). So they're definitely not some fly-by-night company.


As far as direct bank payments, I can only speak to the US and not Canada. But when using the ACH option, they will send a couple of very small deposits (like $0.02 or so) to make sure payments can be received. This also acts to verify your banking info with your Upwork account, as you will be asked the amounts of those deposits as part of the verification process. I believe it's $0.99 USD per transaction to send money from your Upwork account to a Canadian bank.

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I also know firsthand only about the U.S. In 18 months of using ACH transactions to move funds from Upwork to my bank account, I've never experienced a problem.


Re. Paypal, it's perfectly secure and reliable but IMO greedy. For non-Upwork clients that don't pay me via ACH, I use either Dwolla or Due. Neither charges a fee (at least, as of last year--I haven't used either one in about a year). I really love everything about Dwolla. Due is a bit less lovable (though still free), but it accepts credit card payments from countries outside the U.S.

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