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What is the best payment method in the Philippines


Hi, Upwork and to all Freelancers especially in the Philippines!


I need your help so bad. I had earned a meager amount after my hard works. I had chosen Skrill as my payment method. But, I've been having so many problems with Skrill. They wouldn't verify my debit card. After discovering one of their options, bank transfer, I decided to choose it. I've been waiting for almost a week for my funds to come but I have no idea where my money is. I've been communicating with their customer service but they kept on saying my request is currently being processed. 


Please help me find a safe and secure way to have my money delivered. I have a roof to maintain and bills to pay. 😞


Your response would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Andrea. Based on my experience, the best payment method is local funds transfer. 

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Hi Andrea. Based on my experience, the best payment method is local funds transfer. 

Thank you very much, Ma'am Dinamar!


Hi Andrea, 


I hope the issue with Skrill gets sorted out soon. You may try using the Local Funds Transfer (LFT) option as your payment method in which your withdrawn earnings are directly credited to your bank account. 


It can be the fastest and least expensive payment method. The cost per payment by LFT to the Philippines is only $0.99. Please also take note that there may be some incoming fees from other banks. 


You may read up more about the different payment methods here.

~ Avery

Hi, Ma'am Avery O! 


Thank you so much for the response. I would just like to add another question.

As said, I have problems with the company Skrill. Can Upwork do something about it?

It was only today that I have read horrendous reviews about Skrill. If those are true, why then Upwork still recommend such company? 😞

Hi Andrea,


If the money still hasn't showed up in your account after 8 business days, you may lodge a ticket with support to issue a trace for your withdrawn earnings. 


Regarding your question about Skrill, I would just like to clarify that Skrill is a third-party payment vendor. Before sending earnings to Skrill, make sure your country is supported, confirm your Skrill account, and complete any necessary verification process with them. You are responsible for making sure that Skrill provides the services you need before you send your money to them. You should only send your earnings from Upwork to Skrill once you know you can access your money after the transfer. 


You may read more about Skrill in the link I sent you on my previous message.

~ Avery