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What is the discussion about using watermark on an original work?

Ace Contributor

Hello everyone,


I have a few questions, thank you in advance for your reply


1. what is the can & can't do using watermarks in portfolio and while submitting an original artwork for approval?

2. For example a freelancer do a work for a client on his/her specific request on a fix price. But refuse to pay for it. How escrow and milestone can protect the freelancer?

3. How milestone works anyway?


Thank you

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I provided the link because the OP's question indicates that she needs to read up to learn about how to work as a freelancer on this site, watermark issues not withstanding.

Thank you very Virginia, will make time to read all the guidedance Smiley Happy

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Watermarks sound good.


This is business; do whatever you need to do (legally) to protect your business.


Any client that balks at a watermark on a "draft" / premlinary work is not to be trusted.


(I put a watermark on my video).

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Thank you Gerry, you are straight forward, that's cool Smiley Wink


will try to learn upwork policies as well, and in my field I think it is needed depends of the nature and value of the project, my personal point of view.


Thanks again for your reply


Community Leader

Why are you afraid of not being payed in Upwork? If you run your work through upwork everything you say and send in chat is saved.


Watermarking will destroy the beauty of your work. Maybe better way is just to send print screen to the client that way he can't use the work until you send him the full resolution work.


I work here for over a year and had 200+ contracts and I never had any issues with cleint's payments or something. Once or twice happened that I couldn't "find" the clients idea, and then we just canceled the contract. But I was always payed.


Maybe I was just lucky?

re: "what is the can & can't do using watermarks in portfolio and while submitting an original artwork for approval?"


You can do whatever you want in your portfolio with regards to using watermarks on your original artwork.


Use watermarks. Or don't use watermarks. It's up to you.


I include original artwork in my portfolio, and I don't use watermarks. I realize that people might copy my artwork and use it elsewhere. I hope people to do that. The artwork in my portfolio includes my name and promotes me as a freelancer.

Hi Preston,


Thanks for your reply, I understand 


awesome, got nothing more to add 🙂 thank you

Hi Dragan,


Thanks for sharing your experince,


Lol, I am not afraid of not being paid by a client on upwork,  and I am having a great experience in so many ways here and money is not an issue :-).  I am lucky that I've met a wonderful and awesome client(person too) for my first job on upwork and it is memorable.


I ask about watermarks to have different ideas, and thank you  to all of you for the time you taken toreply me, I really appreciate


Thank you