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What is the perfect time to send proposal ?

Open-ended question, while sending a proposal I always wonder what is the right time to send the proposal to the client should I send it immediately in a rush when it just got posted a few mins ago or should I also submit for proposal which has been posted a day ago or max 2 days ago. What you think about this, what experience you guys had lets discuss that.

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Since Upwork's algorithms rank all proposals based on the algorithms' calculations, regardless when each proposal is submitted, there is little reason to worry more about when to submit a proposal versus worrying about crafting the right proposal for each new job you're interested in.

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To me, there is no real rule.

Usually, a small job will not be available for long, so it's worth applying right away. However, I find that larger, more "complicated" jobs, usually coming from bigger companies, stay open for a few days and even weeks. For those jobs, it's worth taking the time to prepare a carefully written proposition. And once the offer has been sent, don't be surprised if you only receive an answer a couple of weeks later!

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12:01 AM! Just kidding. IMO, send it as soon as you see the project. I say this as a Freelancer who is also a Client: After the first ten or fifteen proposals, no matter how stellar the rest are, if I've found the one, I've found the one.

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I don't think there is a better time, but I think you have a higher chance of being outbid on boosting if you bid early. But if you get seen and get outbid, then that's the perfect scenario.

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