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What is the problem with me?

Hello my community Gurus, Experts and Leaders,

I have been working on Upwork for last one and half years but I could not get success here. I am still struggling to get jobs and projects even small and low rate projects.


I request you please visit my profile and suggest me what is the problem with me and how can I get jobs here? Your valuable feedback may help to start my earning here.


Thank you! And regards.


Ayaz, your profile has a lot of grammatical errors. This may be putting some clients off. It needs to be thoroughly proofread and edited. 


In addition, it's quite hard to discern what exactly your skillsets are. For example, your heading is 'accountant and data analyst', but your general and specialised profiles never mention any data analysis skills. You discuss financial analysis, but data analysis is usually seen as quite a different skillset than financial analysis.  

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