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What is the status of improving the search functions?

Ace Contributor

As others have noted, the UpWork job search process is unbelievably clumsy.  It lacks basic features that would make searching easier and I would like to know if Upwork is working on improving the search process.  If se, when can we expect to see improvements?  Here are some issues:


I am new and want to look through several hundred listings in several categories.  It is virtually impossible.   UpWork probably thinks we should narrow our searches but that is not what I want to do.  Either I need to search through a large number at the same time or search category by category or skill by skill.  Either option is laborious.


The program only allows 10 results per page.  Why?  We should be able to see many more results on one page if we choose, especially since it is so cumbersome to navigate the pages. 


The program should automatically return us to the last page we were on. This is common sense. After looking at the details of a specific job, the program only allows us to start over on the first page.  So, if the job I was looking at is on page 17, it is maddenly difficult to return to it.


We should be able to enter the specific page number we want to go to.  As it is now, only five pages are available to be selected.  Why in the world is it so limited?


I thought it would make the process easier if I use “Saved Jobs” to examine the details of positions I am interested in.  However, “Saved Jobs” is also cumbersome.  It suffers from the same issues:  always returns to the first page, only lets us see a few jobs at a time, and doesn’t allow us to specify a page number.   In addition, there is no way to sort or prioritize the jobs.


For all jobs, it would be helpful if we could enter information for our own use directly on the listing so that we don’t have to review the same jobs repeatedly.   Also enable us to categorize them by priority or other criteria so they can be sorted that way.    Yes, we can give them a thumb down but having to give a reason every time is time consuming.  In addition, one of the most common reasons for thumbs down is that the job has been filled.  However, that is not one of the options.  Why not?


Finally, one of the most frustrating features is the large number of jobs that have already been filled but are still posted.  It should be so simple to prevent this.  When a client posts a job, they specify how many hires they intend to make.  The default should be that when that number of freelancers are hired, the listing disappears.  If a client has filled the stated number of hires but still wants to keep the job, the onus should be on them to change the number of hires.


Many or all of these issues must have been pointed out before.  Are they at least on a list of critical improvements?  How are freelancers able to influence what is worked on?  Will usability tests be conducted with actual freelancers or just with internal personnel?