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What kind of activities should comes under Time track.

Hi I am a webdeveloper freelancer for a very long time. But one thing is always confusing me that what kind of activites should come under Upwork Time Tracking. 

  • Does communicating/discussing project updates with client come under time tracking?
  • checking requiements and making plan come under time Tracking?

Please advise or share your experience with me what kind of things you add under time tracking so my this confussion comes to an end. 



Arslan H.

Community Member

Anything related to project.

I know the general idea of anything related to project. I want this idea to be explained.

Can you please explain what you track during your project. 


Client (CL) Are you there?

Me Yes

CL I need this and this

Timer started

Me you need it in this way or?

CL I like that

Me Ok, doing

Me Task done, pls take a look

Timer stopped

CL Good, but i want change this..

Timer started

Me Changes applied, pls check

Timer stopped

CL All good now!


Like that

Thanks for expalantion.
what about client wants a meeting of 30+ mintues with you during project or give you large data to check.?

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If you are attending a meeting with a client to discuss the project, you should be running your timer.  Your time is valuable, and a client who expects you to attend a meeting for free is not valuing your time.

My one exception would be a long term client who has sent me a lot of work, and who wants to discuss future projects.  I'd have no issue jumping on a call to discuss that with them, free of charge.

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