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What meeting platforms are allowed after new policy from Upwok?

So after the new Upwork policy, we can not talk to any client on his phone or even Skype if I am not wrong. But other than these, what platforms we can use to communicate with clients before hiring? Are Zoom, Google Meet, etc. allowed? Please somebody respond as I have a client and he wants me to have a Google Meet before sharing the Job Offer.

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What new policy? Any links?

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Nothing alowed. Use Messages or integrated in Messages Zoom.

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Upwork has integrated Zoom available, so you should tell your client to use that. Upwork discourages and strictly prohibits sharing contact information before the start of the contract, but if the client sends a Zoom link, that may work! or Google Meet, but still, it is not recommended.


You should avoid using Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

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