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Natasha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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[quote=Ayesha Sadaf Kamal] For clients we have added a country based filter. It's something clients have asked for, but we've been concerned it may needlessly narrow clients' recruiting prospects for the majority of jobs where location is not a critical factor. We are testing to see if this filter helps. [/quote] It has been requested by many clients, it would be most helpful. For clients that don't care about location, they can just select "Any location".
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Sadiqul A Member Since: Mar 10, 2010
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Hi, I have a account which id in odesk digitaljob and my name is MD. ABUL KALAM AZAD. I am using my brother account for post this posting. I am working in odesk over 2 years. Yesterday suddenly odesk suspend my account without any notification. I try to get help from there customer care but the only say we are checking. But still i cannot active my account. Ayesha can you help me to active my account quickly? I will pray Allah for you. Thank you so much, Azad
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Marc R Member Since: Nov 18, 2012
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Hi, The first new feature, the ability to have a rebuttal instead of hiding a feedback, is of great importance in my understanding. I couldn't agree more. About the country-based filter to client's sorting of freelancers, well... I take it with a grain of salt. Well, it's said to be much requested by clients, and it's not that hard to believe, we all know that there are biased people are everywhere. Sad enough, their biases are often justified, when you notice that 80% of the applicants from a certain territory are not qualified for something and about the same average of people from anywhere else around the globe *are* qualified. Sure it's not coincidence; but it's not as simple as belonging to a certain country, and a filter like this is more like sugar coating for me. I'll add that I'm from Brazil and I've had clients from everywhere. Some of them eventually afforded to confide me that they could not believe I could deliver so much of a quality work and be so professional (modesty aside!) being a brazilian. There isn't much more I can add to this. We can only hope this feature is well revised before it goes live. A possible suggestion is to be able to select countries from where you *do not* wish to get contractors from (blacklisting certain countries instead of whitelisting). But I'm really not sure if that would be any less mistaken. As for myself... If someone thinks I'm not qualified to do what he/she wants just because I was born in the "wrong" place in the word, I'd rather not waste my time with him/her. Thanks for reading.