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What’s New - The All-Star Freelancer Club And Easier Management Tools

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Hello oDeskers, We are back with more exciting news to share! This week we are launching more handy features to make your online work more successful and stress-free. For our freelancers we have the All-Star Freelancer Club in beta that was announced this Monday. We have also added Video Profiles to help freelancers market themselves more effectively to potential clients. Clients, you now have a new tool in your arsenal to connect with current and past hires. All-Star Freelancer Club - Celebrating Success! As announced on Monday, we're excited to share the news about our new beta program–The All-Star Freelancer Club. Our top freelancers will now get exclusive perks for being the superstars that they are. There are three clubs based on the dollar value earned or average hours worked in the past three months: the Gold Club, the Silver Club and the Bronze Club. Learn more about the beta for our All-Star Freelancer Club here. Show Them What You’ve Got with Video Profiles Trust is a major factor when hiring online. With the new Video profile option, you can add a short video to your public profile. This way, you can give potential clients a glimpse of your personality and English language proficiency to build trust and increase your chances of landing more jobs. Video Profiles will become visible to clients soon, so this is a great time to add one from your profile editor! Search and Connect with Your Freelancers: It’s now easier than ever for clients to connect with their freelancers. We have added a search box to your My Freelancers tab to quickly find past and current hires. And, as always, we value your feedback and discussion and we welcome you to join the conversation below. Happy Working The oDesk Crew
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I have a very important comment on the "AllStars clubs": Intro: Please check my proposal at the end of this comment. I would love to see it implemented! I seem to be the first who does not like this feature (at least not the current requirements) Why? 5000$ in 3 month: - doable for IT specialists or other "better paid" contractors. - Surely not for translators or creative writers (I get roughly 1000$/month). - Increasing my rates would cause less invitations/jobs at all 30h/work: - super for "low wage contractors" who have VA jobs, transcription jobs, data entry, customer support jobs and again, IT specialists who work on an hourly basis - not for translators or creative writers (we mostly have fixed price jobs --> getting paid per written word) I think I am a hard-working individual who also deserves to be part of such an "elite group". In my opinion, translations are much more challenging than data entry or other easy jobs our Asian friends keep getting. Don't get me wrong, they invest a lot of time and surely deserve to be part of the elite. But then again, how can people be part of this group, if they have *unprofessional* profiles and *lousy* English skills? I simply feel neglected (even discriminated against) as I simply CANNOT fulfull either requirement due to the nature of things. We translators hardly get hourly jobs and the payment isn't as good as to reach the 5.000$. If you ask me, it would be A LOT better if you introduced specific "elite groups" for each branch (like "IT elite", "data entry elite", "translators elite" etc.). This would keep things fair and there would not be discrimination. Greetings, André PS: In this case I even consider to make up an hourly contract with a couple my good clients, let them pay for the hourly contract and return the money via PayPal. I know it is against the policies, but what can I do if I am neglected in this new feature? I also want to profit from it...and I deserve it. Not that I want to manipulate under all circumstances, I just want to keep it fair. PPS: Speaking of tracking time. Maybe we should be able to track time even for fixed priced contracts. Of course we would not be paid for our time, but at least the algorithm for this elite group knows that we are working. It could even forward the screenshots/keyboard/mouse activity things as to prevent cheating. Really, I just want to have a fair way for all of us. PPPS: How about another criteria especially for translators. Like "20.000 words translated per month". This could be easily tracked. The client just needs to determine the word count to be translated (this happens all the time already in the job description) and once the feedback was given, the algorithm can count the words. As per those hourly contracts, there could be a "keyboard activity counter" which tracks the keyboard hits. 5 hits could be converted into 1 word...what do I know. Really, I just want a solution for us translators to have a fair chance to enter these groups.
Just by reading the requirements on who will be eligible for this so called 'club' - I don't simply qualify. But if you take a look at my profile, I've been here since 2008 and earned more than all those numbers combined overall. I've asked about any loyalty perks for the nth time for many of us who have been here for ages.. haiizzzz.. I give up 😛
Andre, Thank you for your feedback! I hear your frustration and understand that Translation must be one of the most difficult fields in which to reach the All-Star Club. I really like your suggestion of varying the criteria to make the All-Star Club based on the category. Translation, in particular, has a very quantifiable way to measure work output by word, as you suggested. This is something we will work to incorporate in the All-Star Club if we roll it out to everyone after the Beta period. I also really like your suggestion of tracking time on Fixed Price contracts. We sent it over to our Product team for consideration. Thank you again for reading the post, and for taking the time to give us such helpful suggestions. Katrina
Hi Katrina Thanks for your reply! "Translation, in particular, has a very quantifiable way to measure work output by word, as you suggested. This is something we will work to incorporate in the All-Star Club if we roll it out to everyone after the Beta period. I also really like your suggestion of tracking time on Fixed Price contracts. We sent it over to our Product team for consideration." I'll come back in a few months to remember this statement. ;) Are you an oDesk employee? Just asking because I do not see any kind of signature/badge etc. I would really love to have something implemented for us translators. Greetings, André
Yes, I am! I am in charge of "Freelancer Success" and my team designed the All-Star program. I'm glad you're going to hold me accountable to this. Thanks for the feedback once again - I'll use a signature next time. — Katrina Benjamin oDesk Manager, Freelancer Success