What's going on with invitations?

I've received 6 7 today Smiley Mad


Screenshot from 2016-10-01 19-46-18.png


Of course, 5 out of 7 didn't have anything to do with my profile or were outright scams. 


The ones that might match my profile were budgeted < 20$.


Is this happening to you as well?


I loved it at Elance when we could decide to not receive invitations under a certain budget/ rate.


Sigh ...


PS. Last one: "Enter 90 pre-written reviews into Yelp and Thumbtack."


Last Winter I used to receive invitations which only asked for one thing that is  mentioned nowhere on my profile: native-level command of the Mandarin Chinese language.


This stopped, however, now I receive invitations (less or more legitimate and less or more compliant with my skills) on Saturdays only. Can't remember when was the last time to receive it any other weekday. And none of em ever hired me. Many clients simply don't understand the purpose of that thing.