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What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

How bad does a client have to be before odesk rejects them?


You will be tested before you are hired on a non paid 3 hour test as well.SHARE YOUR SKYPE AS YOU ARE GIVEN FIRST CHOICE THEN!


This is just a tiny part of about 400+ words of ranting by someone with no experience and no verifiable payment. Will the agency's determination to offer a professional environment mean the disappearance of such jobs? Given the amount of money taken from the worker end, isn't it about time they started charging clients a fee to post? Admittedly a significant amount of freelancers here were liars/incompetents, but a huge proportion of the jobs here are pretty shocking too.


I hear what you're saying. The job board is a source of some interesting insights and character studdies of job providers, I think most people are aware of that. 🙂

If fixing this was easy, it would have been implemented years ago, believe me. oDesk really does try it's best and constantly searching for ways to improve the quality on both sides.

I'm sure you understand that when it comes to the human input factor, there is no easy answer, there is no single bar you can put up to separate "bad" and "good" clients.


As an example, I had many clients who were inconsistent with job descriptions, made vague comments on the requirements, posted in caps etc.. Many of those did not end well, but many more I managed and turned in to a success.


Fact of the matter is - there will always be people who slip through, no matter how complex your sorting algorithm is. Considering how competetive the Freelance market is when it comes to atracting clients, I think balancing ease of use and quality control is important.


If the job board has a few questionable clients, it won't hurt as much as a 50% decrease in clients because of the large ammount of hoops they have to jump through to post a job.

It wasn't a big problem before, but it is extremely important now. Do odesk really expect to take money for premium packages/extra bids knowing that a huge percentage of the jobs posted are scams/crazies/liars/exploitative? This isn't just unethical, it's almost fraudulent.


What oDesk fails to understand is that freelancers are clients too.


oDesk is a platform, a medium for clients and freelancers to meet and work together, clients are the ones paying but without the freelancer's work there would be no payment at all and oDesk wouldn`t receive its 10% fee.


Freelancers bring value to oDesk and they should be treated as equals.


Now, oDesk is very stern with freelancer´s scores like Job Success, Feedback, etc. and very laid-back with clients.


Why can`t they implement a Job Success for cliens too? We, as a freelancers, want to work with the best clients and not scammers.


Please take it as constructive criticism. I just want to point out the real value of freelancer's work.




Hi Ramon,

We will take action on clients who are abusing the marketplace and more importantly the freelancers who work here. We expect professionalism on both sides of the coin.


We are undertaking several initiatives aimed at improving client quality. You've seen me mention them here, and we're only going to increase these efforts to give you the workplace you deserve. 

The day before the connects system came in I ended every open application. At least half the jobs had never hired anybody. I also get regular invites from people who think I'm stupid enough to work for them for free. When they realise I'm not, they then post their non-job and waste other people's time, and now credits.



The credit system could only really work in a marketplace where there was ongoing lucrative work. I really think it's not acceptable for people to be charged two dollars to bid for jobs that may not  even exist. I also think it will be nearly impossible for all but the most successful freelancers to make ends meet with so few opportunities to gain further work.