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What's next, health care?

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Stefan I Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Really, I mean... c'mon oDesk! I still cannot believe that you're selling this connects and membership plans as "trying to improve the quality". It's a clear monetization plan and as one of the many freelancers, I'm thoroughly disappointed! As I read your emails and blog posts, I’m starting to wonder if oDesk is becoming some kind of p2w (pay to win) game like Top Eleven Football Manager. Weird right?


You're aware that clients spam job applications too right? And roughly 50% of them are unresponsive - which means that freelancers will waste their “connects” on job applications where they won’t even hear from the client until oDesk closes the job.


My point: You cannot limit the freelancers, or make them pay membership plans so that they can get regular work.


This renaissance will put the clients into much higher position where they will be able to find desperate freelancers (and I don’t blame them) who are ready to work for a much, much less money just to pay their bills and cover their expenses. Yeah, that’s right! And this is coming from someone who already has 100% Job Success. Quite a nifty add-on to my profile – I give you that. Just... too sad that even freelancers like me (5.00 rating, top rated badge), will have a hard time to find regular work.


 I’d rather not talk about the new freelancers, who are giving their best to make it through the first steps. Did you know that it took me approx. 50-60 applications to get my first job when I joined oDesk 1.5 year ago? Imagine how someone will react after losing their initial tokens? The freelancer will leave oDesk and never come back!

The current system is perfect. Flawless. And it doesn’t need change! Don’t add on to the 10% fee and 2$ cashout expense, because this will reflect on your reputation since as by now, I didn’t see a single freelancer who’d say that what you’re doing – is good and for the community.


Don’t forget that oDesk is who it is, because of the community, and if you don’t treat freelancers as same as the clients and make them pay for improved changes to work – people will look for a better work place where policies make sense.


Clients will take advantage of this change. And since you’ll make us reduce our hourly rates (so that we can make sure we have jobs), you might as well invent something like “premium oDesk profiles” where people who can afford could pay for advertising. Or even something like, “limitless testing” where people would pay to have access to some test over and over again without 1-month waiting. These are enterprise ideas that will significantly impact your earnings, but they won’t improve the way you treat your users.


I have many, many other things to mention, but I believe that I’ve made my point – and I got to get to work.



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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Kudos SI, it's definitely all about monetization of the oDesk site! All the surrounding hype is pure [poor] attempts at PR. As a freelancer I do, however, like the new My Stats page.

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Stefan I Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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I do too, but on what cost... I just don't to watch an amazing workspace like oDesk to go on the same path as many companies that failed by over-acting to increase their earnings. We freelancers will stay as long as we're allowed to get properly awarded for our efforts.

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Andrej G Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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I wish they will reconsider their decision, and these changes will not be put in effect. Why ruin something that works properly? So you can make couple of extra bucks in the short-term? 

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Sorry AG....


"Ruin something that works properly...."? I don't now about "works properly"; more like making things work worse.


"Couple of extra bucks in the short-term...."? More like huge long-term profits.

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Filip J Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Looks like people will have to rely to different sources of advertising their freelance work. 


Right now oDesk has come on par with other freelancing sites setting absurd restrictions and payment plans on their freelancers. oDesk was not like that, which is why it was referred to as "the best". But with these changes, what's going to happen?


The people who don't like it will move elsewhere, while those offering low quality work will stay and work for the absolute minimum.


I can already see the oDesk platform turning into a place where a client can't find anyone that meets their demands. 


My post adresses all sides equally. This is not good for ANYONE - freelancers, clients as well as oDesk itself and the people who profit from it. 


I understand that you have to make money, but 10% + the 2$ transfer fee is definitely more than enough. The system is perfect as is, no changes are necessary. 


Don't turn oDesk into just another cesspool of the internet. 

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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No offense, but "The system is perfect as is...."? Ouch! Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Filip J Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Taking things out of context is easy.


I do realise that nothing can be truly perfect.


However, in comparison to what's coming with the new connects/premium features, yes I can easily claim the current system is perfect.


I see you adress issues with clients/freelancer having inadequate search options. And you are right, it can get better. But I'm still able to find good work as a writer myself, personal experience vary and that's why I can't speak on behalf of everyone.


What I can't grasp is how resorting to paywalls is a viable fix to any of the problems oDesk is having? Unless the restrictions apply both ways, the result will be fewer applicants overall and nothing else. 

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Sally R Member Since: Mar 5, 2015
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Agree with you 100%.


Word will get out, and someone - perhaps even from here - will develop a site that works like oDesk USED TO. And, all of the freelancersw will move there.


Great opportunity for anyone looking to start a successful online business such as this.  


Anyone? Smiley Happy


BTW - if anyone starts a site like that -  LET ME KNOW! Smiley Happy

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Mario C Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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@Stefan I Tanks for your post, oDesk is do not trat the same way freelancers and clients the system is clearly skewed in favour of clients and we are trated like rublish. 

I think is  time to fin a  new  place or build a new one