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What's up with all the SPAM listings lately?

I've been on UpWork for over 10 years, back when it was Odesk. I've never seen as many SPAM project listings as I have in the last few months and I don't know why UpWork can't crack down on them before they even make it to the live listing. Seems like it should be pretty simple to flag when numerous listings with the same vague description and email to contact them are submitted. Or the same "I want a website that looks like this" and links to some Bitly url. This morning I had to scroll through literally pages and pages of duplicate SPAM listings to try and find a legitimate one. UpWork needs to understand that this hurts their image and its going to get to a point where freelancers just don't have the time to sift through all the BS listings to find the few legitimate ones.

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Or how about the SPAM invitations that begin with contact me on Telegram or Phone me at xxxxxxx

If Upwork can detect when a freelancer tries to take something off-platform, you think it could detect it from the job listing or invite

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You are not alone in noticing this and reporting it here. Upwork has repeatedly said they are working on it though.

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