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What's up with making Upwork increasingly difficult to use on the web?

Community Guru

First, I stopped being able to access my messages through my browser on my Chromebook and trying to open a message forces opening of the awful little messages app and logging in again to read and respond.


Now, I seem to be being forced to install two separate apps to open messages as a freelancer and as a client, (so, to use Upwork, must have the site open in my browser plus two different apps). 


Hard to see the upside of making it so labor intensive to use the platform that there's no upside to hiring in the same place you freelance. 

Community Guru

It's working the same way it always has for me. (via Chrome on a Chromebook) I just checked--while on the Messages page (via the browser) I was able to switch from my FL to my client account with no interruption.


I can no longer access the messages page in my browser at all. When I click on message notifications it automatically opens the app. I can go to a specific client's messages by navigating to my job listing and choosing the contract and then choosing messages and files, but I can't view the messages listing except through the app, nor can I click on the message notification and view new messages in my browser.


That's been going on for a while and was annoying but manageable (since I don't use Upwork much anymore). But, today when I clicked on messages while logged in as a client, it opened the app and then when I chose "client" to view my messages, it told me to download the new client app.