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Re: What's wrong with clients lately?

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Tasos F Member Since: Dec 18, 2012
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No, on these specific contracts I mentioned I was using the messaging system on the browser.

Despite I answered every client question within couple of minutes, they gave me a 4 star for being shown as away on the messaging system which is unfair.


What is even worse is that if you don't have the messaging tab open you appear as unavailable and even if you are working on the project the client thinks you are doing something else (both these contracts were fixed-price).

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Iryna A Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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It is obvious you can not be always "green" on chat on upwork and this really emans you are actually doing something else -> WORKING!

how can user work and concentrate on the task with a need to be always online and active on chat?


Long time ago I had a client who told me there is no deadline and I am doing good. He was very much slow on the feedback and then placed bad score on deadline and availability, but the client didn't count that I delivered the work and had to wait for a week or more for feedback which spoiled the deadline.


This is really problem of the client. Bad thing is that it does influence the working experience and profile score then, but you never know how client's behavior will appear to be if you never worked with this person.