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What's wrong with the Odesk?

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Girish K Member Since: Feb 3, 2014
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I got a ticket that my account is under review. So Just like I was instructed I closed my current jobs and got feedback from all clients. Then I contacted Odesk Help Desk and they told me that one contract is still open. Actually one of my client has submitted the feedback but it's not been published in my profile. When will it be shown? Are they saying about the same contract which is still pending? Then at my Odesk Help and Support page there is no option of Live chat. Is there any problem with odesk system? I submitted this as a request, they didn't reply about it and just closed it without any notification/email. I am also not getting option of direct chat regarding that main 'Your account is under review' ticket on the left side. May I know what's going on? Because I never expected all this from Odesk. Smiley Sad Thanks in advance !