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What should I put in my portfolio(just starting out)

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Daniel W Member Since: Aug 10, 2016
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What should I put in my portfolio, if I have no previous experience as a freelancer and the work I offer is not something that can be represented by other things I created? If I was a designer that would be a different case, but I have no clue, what to put in there to finish my profile.


I do have many years of experience, but those were in positions were I was employed with a company. I do have completed research projects I could mention, but I can not actually "show" these.

I considered putting my letters of recommendations up there, as these also detail the work I have done, but a) that does not really belong in a portfolio and b) not all of them are in English.

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Bud S Member Since: Mar 20, 2016
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Hello Daniel,


You have sought after skills, translating from German to English, and extremely high test scores as well. You should do well, because I see many jobs posted on Upwork that request those skills.


For your portfolio, you could write a short article on how to hire a freelance translator. I've read some complaints about clients receiving poor quality services. Or you could show an example of a good translation verses a poor one.


Hope that helps,