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What should add to Next UpWork Update

Community Leader
Kalaani W Member Since: Jan 14, 2016
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Hey , I like to propose new impovements that should add to UW immiedatley .

Whts yours thoughts ... 


1. Easily Change job to fixed rate from hourly rate or vise versa .


2. Currently there is no value for wining jobs . Its realy a art and a skill . So small reward like profile badge , status similar to "Top rated " is nicer . Cureently its just a value only . 


3. "100hrs Completed " is just a measurement . What about who dosent like hourly rate jobs . Add similar measure ments to get an idea about freelancers experiences .


4. I didnt found any job posting , that required one connect for applying for that . But in help files it says it might requird one or more , Current conect system should properly revised .


5. Lot of un awarded jobs , specially from clients that not verified there payments .


6. Proposal editing is not possible .  Like in Elance it a must .


7.  5 MB is not enough for single attachment in proposals . May be Dropbox can intergrate to proposals attachments


8. Give more visualy appealing way for portfolio images . Currently, tiny images in the bottom the profile  dosent work . 


9 What about adding a new email address for every workroom . 




Community Guru
Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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I'm curious with your no. 2. What kind of awards?

As for 9, I think that's a bad idea.