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What should we do when a client are not keep contact ?

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Md Feroz H Member Since: Sep 6, 2013
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Hello everybody,

Some clients hire us and some reason they pause the job and no longer contact with us even we knock them. Sometime it's keep the contract over year. i have seen that some freelancer have more job running that they cannot handle. I ask them and know that most of those jobs are paused or holed.


My question is 'What should we do when a client are not keep contact?'. They don't end the contract and don't contact with us. This is the cause new client are not interested to start a new contract as it's already running overloaded.


So, i think it is very important for us to find a solution about this.



Md Feroz Hossain

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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After all this time (over 40 days since the original thread was posted), I am really surprised that oDesk Moderators / Managers have not yet answered your questions Md Feroz Hossain.

As an experienced technical recruiter and independent contractor myself, I have encountered numerous freelancer accounts on oDesk with: 1) more contracts "in progress" than one freelancer can handle (individual freelancers, not agencies), 2) idle contracts (evident by no increases in hours or earnings), 3) contracts suspended by oDesk (frequently due to client financial issues), and 4) contracts paused by clients or on hold for other reasons. "Absentee" clients, that is, clients that are difficult to contact if at all are another problem.

Your Question: "What should we [freelancers] do when a client are [does] not keep contact?"

My "Best" Answer: If the client does not reply to a freelancer's message(s) sent via the oDesk messaging system or other means (e.g., private email), freelancers should contact oDesk Support at the oDesk Help Center requesting that oDesk Support attempt to contact the client on the freelancer's behalf.

Regarding your observation, " is very important for us to find a solution about this...."; although oDesk should do something about these issues, I still prefer that they do not attempt to resolve the issues because their horde of "mad robots" (aka algorithms) has already done enough irreversible damage resulting in the loss of work for an untold number of good freelancers.


ADDED: When this thread appeared under "Unanswered Posts," it showed "Latest Post by: Valeria K / Moderator," yet it showed zero replies, and no replies were posted. Another system "glitch" perhaps? Considering this and the other Community problem whereby members' names do not appear, did the Community database crash, thus, maybe reiindexing or other corrective action is needed?


Ron aka LanWanMan

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Md Feroz H Member Since: Sep 6, 2013
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Thanks for your replay. I was so busy since your replay so i was no time to enter even in this community. One of the reason is also to lat replay. Anyway, Your answers are very useful for me and i hope i will apply it next time.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thank you for your feedback, Md Feroz.


Ronald provided some very good advice here about contacting your clients and inquiring whether they still need your services and if not, politely asking to end the contracts. If clients do not respond, you can either end the contract yourself or keep it open. There have been some opinions expressed here in the Community before that having jobs in progress on freelancer's profile attracts other clients.


Thank you!


Ronald, I believe that my name showed as "the Latest Post" because I edited/moved it.

~ Valeria
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Md Feroz H Member Since: Sep 6, 2013
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Thanks 'Valeria' for your valuable comment. All we take care about it.

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Mark G Member Since: Jan 25, 2015
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These are the sort of issues that oDesk should be looking at resolving. Not implementing new features that nobody asked for.