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What the *Edited* happened to Upwork? My experience returning to the platform since leaving in 2020.

I joined Upwork during the pandemic and it was a godsend at the time for work I needed. I just returned to the platform a few weeks ago and I'd like to know, what the **Edited for Community Guidelines**is going on here? I can't believe how awful this place has become. 


TL;DR: This place is the pits and doesn't care about freelancers. Does anyone have any other platform recommendations where they have seen real success? Because I am absolutely done with this place.



The job quality has decreased significantly, with ridiculous tasks for extremely low budgets. I know this was always a problem but it seems like these are majority of posts now with decent to good ones that are few and far in between. Also, I understand people are probably trying to hire workers outside of the U.S. where these budgets are a lot of money, but I just came across a job posting for something that should be at least $100 for the work needed and $10 was the budget. The job would have taken probably 2-4 hours. I have seen countless job postings like this now where the budget doesn't come anywhere close to the ask. I even understand that some clients may not actually fully grasp the work that needs to get done, so their budgets are ignorant, but my goodness. Most of them don't have their payment verified or any previous history on the platform. Clients shouldn't even be allowed to post a job unless payment is verified, but that's a separate issue that I still can't believe hasn't been addressed. So what the **Edited for Community Guidelines**is going on here?



On top of the job quality, we now apparently have to fight to the death in bidding wars just for a chance to be seen. While this is "optional," it certainly seems like we have no choice if we want any shot at landing a gig. Right? I still had about 150 connects remaining in my account from when I used the platform in 2020 and I blew threw them in two days, applying to seven jobs because I knew that if I didn't bid, I wouldn't get a view. So, each time I bid, I made sure to bid more than enough to be the highest bidder.


Out of the SEVEN jobs I've applied for, I've gotten ONE view and blew through all my connects. And I don't want to hear "the first two lines of your proposal must not be strong enough." NO. I've had plenty of success on this platform before and yes, I will to test and refine, BUT –– out of the seven jobs I've applied to, only ONE of them has an actual interview scheduled. Each of them has 10-15 or 20-50 proposals sitting in their inbox. How does this make any sense? You mean to tell me, NONE of those proposals weren't a fit? Considering mine aren't being viewed even AFTER bidding, who's to say they've viewed any of the others? So what the **Edited for Community Guidelines**is going on here?


And you mean to tell me Upwork STILL won't refund connects? I'm fine for non-refundable credits for proposals, but I'm sorry, if we're adding another layer of connects to be spent by forcing us to bid in order to be seen, and we're still not being seen then what the **Edited for Community Guidelines**is even happening here? How does that make sense for us to continue using this platform?



I did this for a week just to test it out and what a complete waste. I got two job requests for interviews and guess what, one of them paid CRAP, significantly lower than what my profile rate shows, and the other was clearly a scam post. The morale of the story? These bogus jobs already weren't being vetted and they're now spilling over into this new "feature." Don't waste your connects.



Obviously Upwork is a business and they will do anything for us to spend our connects so we can buy more. I understand and respect that as a business model. However, what are we actually getting in return? They aren't helping us in any way. They aren't vetting job posts or job posters, and they still aren't requiring them to verify a payment method to protect us and/or weed out bogus job posts. They still aren't requiring them to close jobs out after a certain amount of time (which would result in a refund of connects). They aren't requiring them to interview candidates (I know you can't force this but take this ride with me), even though we are spending connects on proposals and proposal views.


This platform is all about take, take, take, and taking more and more from freelancers (didn't they just increase the % they take from our pay too?) without giving us anything in return. Hell, I'm astounded that the way profiles are viewed and feature we use to set up portfolios, etc are still EXACTLY the same as I left them in 2020. How have these not evolved at all?


Again, nothing going back to us freelancers.


So what the **Edited for Community Guidelines**is going on here? And can I ask, why are you still here? Is there no where else we can go? Any other sites that you've had success with?

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You understand everything correctly.

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So thankful for honest reviews. I'm disheartened by the negative reviews of Upwork. But? This gives me a full view of that this site is not a valuable one. The low rates are completely undesirable to pursue. 

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can I ask, why are you still here?


I'm still here for the lulz ðŸ˜…



feature we use to set up portfolios, etc are still EXACTLY the same


They allow a means to circumvent on the profile now; the GitHub and StackOverflow panel ðŸ˜‚ (disclaimer: it's a joke)

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Your profile is not public so I don't know what you do - but this is just to let you know that so far this has been my best year out of the five years I have worked on Upwork.

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Adam C wrote:

This platform is all about take, take, take, and taking more and more from freelancers . . . without giving us anything in return. Is there no where else we can go? Any other sites that you've had success with?

A classic example of expectation violation?


You expect the platform is designd for you. The platform expects different. The actual customer here is neither you nor the potetial client we're trying to impress.


The real customers here are investors, and they can give two dumps in a bucket whether any of what happens here is fair or makes sense to you, or anyone else. All they need are endless up charts, and to stick their hand down their pants to the sexy purr of PR Speak and Good Money News on quarterly calls.


The finacial churn of carrot (potential to make money) and stick (connects to access it) is working exactly as it should. Look up the 'Skinner Box' experiement. You might recognize who the service providers here are in that process.


Maybe the 'other platform' you're looking for is *your* own website that *you* control, which showcases *your* services for *your* own benefit?

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