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What they're saying & What I see!

Without notice or pretending the work history, they're “Refund Given” from your account. And shown you send this Refund Given! 


They're saying low activity level when I'm checking there is almost 95% of the memo is 9 to 10 activity level. They are saying manual hours submitted! But I've not finished with the hours that client set on the contract! 


I'm worked, then it'll be reviewed then pending for balance, just a few hours of balance the amount they “Refund Given” but showing you send it. But actually, they do it. 


Where is hourly protection!

Why is doing happening!

Who cares about this!

Investigation and report analysis are not matched! 


Very upset with this activity. Hard Working hours are spoiling, not billed, not properly investigated. Where is Justice! 


Hi Ariful,


I am sorry for the frustration this has caused. I shared your report with the team handling your case and one of our agents will follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further. 


Thank you,

~ Nikola

My last 2 weeks' hard work & time are useless. Not cashed. 

Hi Ariful,


Thank you for the follow-up. However, I can see that the team handling your concerns has already reached out to you with updates and assistance. I highly suggest you communicate with the team through these support tickets for further assistance.


~ Arjay

They are not responding. Saying common point. Which is not done by me. I'm checking out my work diary, there is an activity level 9 to 10. I've not submitted a manual memo & I'm using a memo. So, where I'm breaking the hourly protection role? 

If they're not responsible for freelancers, my last 2 weeks have gone without billing. Already refund given but showing me sent! Which is not sent by me. 

I've submitted a video, were shows my work diary. I've not broken anything. Why not I deserve my payment.

Where they found I'm not using memos, I don't know! Hourly protection rules not breaking. But they said I broke! 



Upwork will only cover your hours at your usual rate. You've only done a small number of jobs worth $5-$10 in the past year, now suddenly you're charging $50/hour (you tried to charge around $4,000 for this project so far, is that correct)? Why is your time suddenly worth so much more money?

As a Digital Marketer, I'm applying to this rate as a bidding. Client send me the offered this rate. If I'm not qualified for this job he didn't hired me. And my profile rate is 10$/hr but I'm not forcing him to hire me this rate. This is ethically, right! 

Client dose not complain of my work. In hourly payment protection is my working hours. So why not giving the worked hours payment! And I'm not breaking any rules. As they said. 

If your client is happy with your work, then why haven't they paid you? Upwork only gave a refund because your client failed to pay.

That's the point. I'm working under Upwork hourly protection. Upwork billing when work is running, real-time updated. Then the week finished. Upwork reviewed, then released for pending the balance. After that Upwork 18th May before the hours of final release to freelancer, they are Refund given when I'm sleeping. But shown You send to your client!? My point is how? A freelancer can send the refund in sleeping? 


What type of protection do they provide under hourly protection, payment goes to final release for cash. In the process, I'm working for him, everything is ok. So if Upwork is not sure about his payment, how do they allow to him hire a freelancer, payment graced for release? 


I have applied payment verified client. And passing all the processes under Upwork rules & protection.


Also, I'm not sending it to him, up wok send to him but showed me send! Why this happen! 


Any explanation, please 


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I agree that the message Upwork sends is confusing, because obviously YOU didn't issue a refund; your client failed to pay. So again, if your client was so happy to hire somebody with a 36% JSS and pay 5 times your profile rate, and everything was okay, then why don't they pay you?


Also, read this, which is from Upwork's terms of service that you agreed to when you signed up. It clearly states that hourly payment protection only covers your usual hourly rate. You have never charged any of your other clients more than $10/hour, and some of your other jobs looked like you charged even less than that.  


Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 2.49.37 pm.png


Look here is 2 point, client payment to Upwork. Because they're responsible for billing. That's why they are charged for both of us. 


If Upwork doesn't ensure the client's payment method, how can a freelancer verify them, right? 


Every freelancer starts with a minimum hourly rate or preferable rate. Profile rating is slowly from up. Here is nothing to rule out any freelancers who can't level up he/her hourly rate or expect up rates. 


You are just surprised with this point, I'm sure. You said Upwork only protection is the current profile rate! But they charged on hight rate too. That means they can't protection on your high rate but can charged from high rate! Interesting, right? 


The client opens the project then I was bidding then he send the offer to me. All are under happens Upwork. 


I was bid for the project, then hired, then start working, and finished the week. Then Upwork process everything. Without ensuring hid payment method! How do they do all the preparation for releasing the fund? A thoughtful question outcome here. 

"If Upwork doesn't ensure the client's payment method, how can a freelancer verify them, right?"


Upwork doesn't verify that a client can actually pay,  and neither can a freelancer.

Upwork counts bills in real-time. All the things are under a shadow. My point is: hourly protection means what! My last 2 weeks' hour is just gone. 


How can we ensure and trust a verified client? That's Upwork says work under verified client. But they do not ensure our work billing. 

How can we ensure and trust a verified client?

You can't.

That's Upwork says work under verified client. But they do not ensure our work billing.

Yes, they do suggest that. But again, verified payment does mean that they can or will actually pay. And no, they do not ensure your work billing. The closest you can come is to use the time tracker 100% correctly.

My time tracking work diary is 100% ok. I've attached all the last week work screenshot here. 

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95% memo is ok. 9 to 10 level activity. And I've not submitted any manual hours. And working on the same niche/network. 


They said I'm breaking the points of hourly payment protection. But I don't. Upwork should pay me. 






If Upwork says you broke it, that's it. It's over. You're not going to get paid. I suggest you move on.

They send it on their own using your information, but showed you send this! They played the safest way. You lose the time, work for others, and lost your money. 


It's clearly shown they break your information for their fault. Any freelancer can’t pretend against this. If work doesn'tlike this. Everyone should understand, that without a freelancer they are nothing. 


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If the client claims on the bank for their money back. Upwork reverse the freelancer's payment! They can't protect freelancers' Hard Work, Time, and Money. 


But the client's payment is verified, and Upwork billed the client hourly. Easy scammed the freelancer. But everything is done on under Upwork hourly payment protection. So, what is your judgment for it guys? 


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Ariful I wrote:

So, what is your judgment for it guys? 


My judgement is that you used no common sense and have been caught out because of it.


If a client offer to pay my 5 times my normal rate for no apparent reason I'd want to know why. And I have a 100% Top Rate Plus profile, not a 36% JSS.

Did you not at any point wonder why the client would hire you at this rate when they could have spent the same money on a freelancer with a strong working history?

You're not going to get the money - the client never paid it in the first place and clearly had no intention of ever doing so. The best thing you can do is to learn from the experience and move on.

Everyone has the right to get a job upper rate, that is why the bidding system. And my common sense works to bid on the upper rate. That's not a judgemental the thing I'm doing. 

Payment verification, real-time payment counting, then review, then pending, then release for the final stage. This is not my duty. A platform doing all things. That's why we trust the platform. 


Of course, I'm learning from all of these things. And feeling disappointed too. Every time freelancers are losing they are time, and work hours. 

They said to me, I'm adding manual hours! but I was not added. They said to me, my work activity level is low! But I'm checking 1 by 1 worksheet is 9 to 10 level. 

What is your opinion? 

Hey Nikola, 


They are not replying and do not send the payment. I mentioned all these points with proof. But why they are not replying! Can you help me? 






First of all, I have respect for Upwork. In hourly protection, I'm working for a client. His payment method is verified. And my work diary activities are 9 to 10 level. The last 2 weeks working payment “Refund given” which is not given by me but showed me send you by client! This is right? 


1. I am not submitted manual minutes/hours 

2. My work activity level is 9 to 10 

3. I'm using a work memo 

4. How can work on more than 10 activities? If anyone working speedily, that's not his fault. 

5. And the number of the five, roles is not breaking me. 


I'm not doing this but showing by myself. My work hour, work proof example, not breaking role proof. I have the proof of that but have not heard 👂 this. A common rule-breaking point thrown. Which is not match anything. Passing 24hr not respond.



Hi Nikola A, 

If they are showing the proof, I'm not claiming for the last week's payment. They are said the point, I disclose with proof. How to handle this! 

Ney Nikola

Started working with a client. 1st time. Who initiates the contract. We've already started working but shouldn't there be something pending on my file?


Hi Joseph, You're right, you should have a contract in place. Normally the client sends you an "offer" from your proposal, and you "accept" it, creating the contract. You'd see this in your message room with the client. No work should be done before the contract is in place, for your protection. Also be aware that you should only communicate within Upwork until that contract is in place (per ToS).


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A freelancer can none pay from a nonverified client. This is possible. And Upwork is discharged every freelancer avoid to work nonverified buyer. 


Because Upwork protection is covered, the client verified the payment method. They are checking and ensuring your risk factor for your work to the client. 


But how this is happening, the client hired a freelancer, for a weekly workouts. Real-time counting the hours billing. Then UpWork billed the client for the past week, hours for review, then pending, then waiting for the release in a few hours they Refund given by Upwork but shown you send to your client! Without your knowledge. 


Everyone can drop your opinion, please 


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I am not submitted any manual hours. Anyone can help me to find out the manual hours where? 


Hi Ariful,


I would recommend you check your Work Diary. You can add and manage your Manual Time from there.



I am not adding manual hours but the Upwork support agent says the common point. Where they found the manual hours. I don't know. 

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Important information here

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Today my 1300$ worked the bill UpWork “Refund Give” But I don't refund, they're refunding but showing me refunded! And my work is 100% ok. They said my activity level is low but I'm checking all my work screenshots. 9 to 10 activity level. And I've not submitted manual hours. They said I was submitted. I've proved. Let's see how can thay resolve it. 

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Dear UpWork Payment Team,


The Invoice #: 476254304 Kindly cancel that refund, please. I'm not sending the refund request. Someone login my account from an unknown browser. When I slept. Please help me.

Kind regards,


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Today 18th May, my payment is scheduled already for added to the balance. I was sleeping. Get up morning at 7 am. I saw a notification on my Upwork account. I'm send a refund given! How is it, possible guys? 


Kindly help me to suggest, how can I back my amount. I already mailed to the UpWork payment team. Let's see what they taking action against this issue. Very upsetting...


Kind regards,



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If a client asks for a refund, Upwork gives it to them before notifying the freelancer. It is then on the freelancer to try to get their money back

In notification says, me given the refund! But I didn't do it. When it was happening, I was sleeping. At first, a refund is given then log in to my account from an unknown device. 

Upwork does not have to notiify you before giving the refund or ask you to authorize it it. File a dispute with them if you want to.

Dear UpWork Payment Team,


The Invoice #: 476254304 Kindly cancel that refund, please. I'm not sending the refund request. Someone login my account from an unknown browser. When I slept. Please help me.


Kind regards,

Hi Ariful,


I can see that you're already communicating with our team via a support ticket with your concern. I highly suggest you continue communicating with our team through that ticket for updates and further assistance.


~ Arjay
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