What to Expect?

Hello Everyone!


I am completely new at oDesk and still pretty confused about some features. I have completed my profile 100% and set a hourly rate but not sure whether it is over priced or under priced. I have seen many posts where it was adviced to keep hourly rate as low as possible at the begining. But many of you also suggest to set a adequate hourly rate. I am very confused about which one I should consider. Can you please suggest me what hourly rate I should ask for my present profile!! Please feel free to check my profile and give me a constructive feeback (both possitive and negative is appreciated). I want to improve the quality of my profile and to make sure that I am doing justice for my clients and myself as well. 


I really value your suggestions. Thank you. 


Hello Naurid,


I did had the same feeling when I started here. But then I realized something, the rate you have on your profile it is a general rate. Because you do have different skills to work with, sometimes the rate can be high or low according with the specification of the task.


The advice I give to you is to check all the information you can about the job you applying for:


- check out the preview works that the client had, how much he paid for in a similar situation;


- adjust the value thinking of the time it can take you and also the responsibility of it (more skills needed, can allow you to ask a little more then what you have on your profile, or less if it is indeed such an easy task);


- if it is available, you will see the average the other Freelancers are asking to do that job, so you can take that as an idea of what you will ask for;


- when you apply you can also say to the client that the value can be discussed.


You will get the touch with the time, don't worry! Smiley Wink


I hope I helped a little bit more to make you feel more confident. Any way, take a look around and see more profiles like yours and the offers with details so you can take the most information from it and base your bids on it.


Good luck Smiley Happy