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What will happen if I never end a contract?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Ordancho T wrote:

....all with 5*,and its not possible JSS to go down from 87% to 84%.  It means that the private feedback actually affects the JSS maybe more than 80%.The public feedback is basically doing nothing.I will end the contract now by myself,and I will get back to you in 2 weeks on this thread.I wont accept any job by then,and you will see how much the JSS is going down.Also when I gained the *Rising Talent* status I got a chance to remove bad feedback,I removed the bad feedback and the next JSS update my sucess score went down again by 5-7% I dont remember exactly how much it was, and this is the only thing that I did between the update,I did not started any job,I did not finished anything.

 We will likely never know, but some people believe private feedback's effect on the JSS may be nearer 100% with the public feedback being mainly window-dressing...


Of course the JSS can go down by 3% and Rising Talent status does NOT quaify you for removing anything. Only Top Rated does. With only 20 closed contracts each has the potential to count a lot, especially if you are on the 6 month window. If you are on a 6 month window and have only 5 contracts in it (for example) each counts a fifth of that window's JSS ... Think about it mathematically.


JSS can change without anything closing, simply because stuff falls out of the calculation window.


Just leave it alone for now, and close it after you had a few more successfully completed contracts. It's not hurting either way.



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