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What with all the scams on front page?

Just noticed there are a lot of scammers posting jobs, last week there were 1 or 2 per page, now it's almost completely filled with scams (those asking for well paid, urgent jobs and posting an email address and/or telegram contact).


IMHO you should really take care of that. Not only because it looks bad, but also because they'll actually catch victims. And honestly, it would take literally 5-10 minutes to do write a script  to automatically ban them

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Many people are reporting this, and many also think it would take literally 5-10 minutes to write a script to automatically ban them, and that that should be done. Hopefully, it will be. No word on why that isn't being done though.

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Well, we reached a new high. 100% of job posts on my landing page are scams. 😤 I won't report them anymore, if Upwork doesn't care why would I?

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Yesterday saw a solid run of 9 forum posts about scam jobs. It caught my eye because they took up an entire screen's worth at my resolution. That's not counting another half-dozen or so scattered throughout yesterday's posts.Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 23.02.52.png

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Yeah, the whole forum is complaints about spam and scams, which is justified cuz it's bad.


idk if Upwork cares, but spamming Upwork is being promoted as a way to make money on blackhatworld. It's probably getting passed to trash tier FB groups and now it's bad.

Hey, if something works...

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Well, now they are PLUS clients. Give me a break...

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Yes, and sometimes they are Featured, and labled an Interesting Job, too.

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