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What would be the next big achievement after "TOP RATED"?

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Vinod M Member Since: Sep 27, 2017
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I knew that how good it feels when you get Top Rated badge on your profile but can anyone feel free to express their thoughts about what he has achieved next big thing here after 'TOP RATED" freelancer.


I think all Top Rated freelancer should come further and share their thoughtsSmiley Happy so that this thread could motivate someone who will read it in the future.





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Irina I Member Since: Nov 4, 2012
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I achieved this "top rated" level with fixed priced jobs. Let's just say i was reluctant to apply or accept hourly jobs -this was because for a very long time, most of them were paid very low and according to my calculations at the time, the fixed ones would bring me more. Then the rules changed, and I was willing to search for the hourly jobs too. Once I did find one, I was able to earn more than before while working less time. Of course, after finding and landing the first one, the next ones will be more and more easy. 


I don't think I would have felt as rewarded if it wasn't for the "top rated" badge. I also have no idea how this story would inspire others, but all I can say is that I reached this through my own efforts without using templates or other tools to make my life easier. I tried to be as reliable as possible and to stick to deadlines. 

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Vinod M Member Since: Sep 27, 2017
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Hello Irina,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Really this would be helpful for the freelancers here.