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When Clients Put You On the Spot

Lately, I have been receiving interviews from potential clients who seem to have taken Ambush Tactic 101... in the name of hoping that I will spill the beans on how I create marketing strategies, reports and plans.  What's annoying is they often do this while you talk to them on Skype.


They don't understand perhaps, or maybe just feel they might be lucky.  Whatever the reason is, what they are asking for is unethical.. not to mention, breaking the non-disclosure agreement I've signed.


How did I manage?  I have come up with a set of replies:


" I wish I have a projector inside my head so you can see clearly how I think and strategize things.  Until someone invents it, we may just have to stick with me sending you a proposal for your requirement. "


" I'm pretty sure there are lots of templates online that you can check. "  


" Oh, that's like sharing your income tax return... Would you share one with me right now?"


" You're right. My clients right now won't even know about your request. Well, if I'm done with my work for you, you won't mind me sharing it the way you're asking me to right now... won't you? "


" Ah, of course you want to see if I can do the job.. I bet my clients didn't hire me for a long time and paid me (state amount) if I can't do it properly. "


And for the uber persistent::   (makes a scrunch w/a paper) " Hello.. hello.. oh, sorry the line is chappy. "  Then, end the call.


Got any more to add?  I think my creative juices are drained fast by these vampires or whatever you call them these days.  


Let me know when you have some free time on Skype and I can give you a lesson in marketing strategy. My fee for tuition is $$ per hour.
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