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When clients do not leave any feedback

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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From now on I'm sending a message with my last item of work...right at the time that closing the contract is due but with final work attached so they must open it to get the attachment. It will now say:


I've got my feedback all ready to enter for you once you leave your feedback about me, and I think you'll find other freelancers will be interested in whatI have said.


I was pleased with how I worded my feedback about you personally and I hope you understand why I said what I did about you.


Freelancers always look at what other freelancers say and I know they will find what I have said about you to be informative when they are deciding whether or not to accept any jobs you post in the future. 


I hope you don't mind what I said about you.



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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I appreciate youtr intention with this, Jean, and the principle may be OK - but your wording just seems a litlle - well - threatening to me...

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Wow, Jean...if I read that as a client or a freelancer, I would either not leave feedback at all or intentionally delay leaving feedback until the very last second to delay the appearance of what I would assume to be horrible feedback from you on my profile.


If I did leave feedback, it would almost certainly be negatively affected. I wouldn't lie, but you would definitely not get a hair of the benefit of the doubt in any category where I was on the fence.


I see that you posted this some time ago. I'd be very interested to hear how that ominous message played out for you.

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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I think this is a good point.

Jobs without any feedback should be left alone.

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Mauro G Member Since: Nov 29, 2015
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Hello, I was shocked to find that this is not the case...


I consistently get 5 star ratings for almost all my work and have been cruising steadily along on a 98% job success score for a few months (it was in fact 98.5% as on one occasion I logged on and was able to see my score to about 10 decimal points). Over a month ago, I completed a job on Elance that earned me a 4.1 rating and although the client admitted to having made a mistake, my precentage dropped down to 97%. OK, no problem I thought. I'll just carry on as I'm doing and I'm sure I will build my score back up.


After yesterday's update, I was shocked to discover that my score had dropped inexplicably down to 95% and I can only assume that this is due to the number of contracts that clients haven't bothered to close down or, especially, leave feedback for...


Indeed, I read in the appropriate section that this may well be the case as Upwork may decrease your Job Sucess Rate if you have more than one or two completed jobs without feedback.  I think this is unfair as I have recieved compliments for all the work provided for these clients, yet at the end they just pay up and go - some of them don't even log back on to Upwork or Elance. 



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Mauro G Member Since: Nov 29, 2015
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Although I appreciate getting kudos for my comment, what I was really hoping for was an Upwork administrator to confirm that "no feedback" really doesn't make a difference to your Job Success Rating, and that my percentage would be reset to how it was a couple of days ago


... And perhaps some asurances that Upwork is indeed looking into this issue and is planning to introduce a system in which clients are required to submit feedback before paying for work, encouraged to close open contracts and that no-one's score will be affected by this in the meantime.


Too much to ask? 


Maybe... personally, I don't think so.


The bottom line is that freelancers should not be penalised for client laziness, or whatever reason it is that prevents them leaving feedback and closing projects contrary to the Upwork rules and guidelines.

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James T Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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I can confirm that no feedback does indeed mean negative feedback as I was informed today. I have also written a post on this. However:


If your overall client feedback only has a couple with no feedback then that is ok. If your overall client feedback is littered with no feedback from clients then it will go against you. Its not fair but there you go.


My advice is email them requesting feedback and then notify support if they fail to reply to that.

I am in the same boat, extremely infuriating!!!

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Mauro G Member Since: Nov 29, 2015
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Hello James and thank you for taking the time to reply and to share your thoughts and experiences on the matter.


It is indeed extremely infuriating and I will admit that I have more than 2 or 3 closed projects with no feedback left.


The major point is that I've seen a lot of posts on this forum saying that "no feedback" doesn't affect your score, when it clearly does (as stated in the Upwork terms and guidelines). This is an extremely unfair system for more than one reason: firstly, there is no reason why a freelancer should be penalised under any circumstances for a client's failure to follow procedure; secondly, a freelancer with a high job count is more likely to accumulate jobs with no feedback than a freelancer with a low job rate; thirdly, many people have migrated from Elance to Upwork in the last couple of months and therefore haven't bothered to tie up their loose ends on Elance as the site has become pretty much redundant (and the expiry time for leaving feedback has been drastically shortened). Fourthly, if a client is unhapy with the service provided they can leave negative feedback (and I'm sure most people would be only too happy to do so), not leaving feedback cannot therefore be considered as the same thing.


I always send messages to clients and remind them to leave feedback or to close up open contracts. Some do eventually, most continue to ignore these requests and you can do this up to a certain point as constantly harassing a user could even backfire on you.


I have about 10 "no feedbackers" in my job history, mostly from my previous experience on Elance which has been carried through to Upwork. 2 or 3 of these haven't even logged on since the jobs were completed a couple of months ago (one of these since April). Another of these logged on for the first time only recently but the option to leave feedback had already expired. Another user didn't leave feedback because he was in the habit of not paying for work and was eventually thrown off. Another client has a history of not leaving feedback for over half of all their completed projects. One further client missed the deadline for leaving feedback and opened up a new job especially just for this purpose, but it does not show up on my profile because no money had changed hands (In my honesty, I refunded her the small amount offered, as it was enough for me that she had decided to do make the gesture).


The remaining clients just haven't bothered at all to either close contracts, leave feedback or reply to my messages even though I have good reason to believe that each and every one of them would have left me 5 star ratings. They would repeatedly compliment me on the work provided saying how happy they were, what a great guy I was, etc. but disappeared as soon as the job was paid for.


I care very much about my professional reputation on Elance and find this whole thing totally unacceptable.

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Chris P Member Since: Aug 17, 2017
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*THIS* This exact thing.  I firmly believe that contractors are penalized for lack of feedback from clients under the current system. 


Upwork claims that we arent, or that there is some kind of tipping point, where a certain number of jobs completed without feedback results in a hit to the Job Success Score but they refuse to tell us how many or, in fact, precisely how the JSS is weighted in the first place.


If you're doing translation work, for example, and the job turnover rate is quite high, say 8-10 jobs per week, that might work fine.  If, however, a single job can take several weeks, meaning turnaround is much lower, and you're relying on clients who don't necessarily understand the system it's much more difficult. 


Forcing clients to give feedback is not the answer.  How do you feel when you're forced to take an online survey?  Most people can't be bothered.  It's the same kind of behaviour.  I don't blame clients, but it's ludicrous to punish contractors for a lack of feedback that I completely outside our control and may have nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of our work.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Mauro,


"Indeed, I read in the appropriate section that this may well be the case as Upwork may decrease your Job Sucess Rate if you have more than one or two completed jobs without feedback"


One or two or three jobs without feedback won't affect your Job Success Score. We understand, and account, for the occasional job that ends without final ratings. We're weighing how many of these jobs appear in your work history. If you have a robust history of work, then one or two jobs without Feedback aren't going to affect you. If these jobs account for a bulk of your activity here or on Upwork then you may want to at least consider reminding your clients of the importance of leaving final ratings.


The Job Success Score is based on a rolling window, so it's more than likely some of your older jobs where you received good feedback rolled off this window and the credit for those jobs also moved off your profile.