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When i can see success Score on my profile?

Hello Sir/mem.


i just wants to know something about SuccessScore, as i read some where after 5 Jobs a rising talend bedge will disappear and Upwork will give a successscore to a profile based on feedbacks  success in jobs and some other factors as well, 


Now my concern is 5 jobs should be completed closed? or what if 5 out of few contracts are Live or long term still running? i mean if 2 3 jobs compleetd and rest 2 3 still running so still we will be on Rising talend bedge? and one atleast 5 contracts gonna close only then upwork will give successcore to a profile?


for me so far 2 contracts completed already with good feedbacks, 2 contracts are Job in progress, 

and 1 more contract client already Shortlisted me but in few days after Xmas he will hire me so then i,ll start work on that contract, 


so pls clear me respected sir/mem, for a success score? 5 contracts should be Closed or Job in progress contracts also will be in count for those 5,  haha as so far feedbacks are good from clients, i hope i will keep the track same as am here for a long term seat and repu.



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Hi Satish, yes the contract won't be counted until it is closed.

Also, check this image showing when your JSS should appear. 




This link contains everything you need to know about JSS.

I hope this helps.




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