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When is this site going to be usable?

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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When I log in, I get taken straight to the message page, which apart from the factoids is now completely empty of my jobs history. I can't get to the jobs page at all and the menu (except for community and help) at the top of the page has disappeared.  


Edited to add: Correction: there is some history - but NONE of it is mine and belongs to another freelancer or it is about other freelancers. Wonderful security. I would like my history returned to me. I would also like to withdraw some money.


I can't work. I am waiting to hear from a repeat client. I have no profile. EVERYTHING of any importance  has disappeared.




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David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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I agree. This is getting ridiculous. I've tried ten times now to change my availability to not available and it still won't work. It just gives me a message saying it is taking longer than expected and to please try again.


If by some miracle, I do get an invite in the next few days and it affects my responsiveness score, I will be very pissed off.


There are too many things on this site that are broken. The "upgrade" to Upwork obviously didn't work so how about putting the oDesk site back up until you figure out all the problems. At least the oDesk site worked half the time.



Well, it looks like it actually did work. I left the site and when I came back a half hour later, my availability was correct. I'm still wondering why it didn't simply work the first time.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Yes mine has limped back - but

I spoke too soon - this is a complete farce!

the message system is a complete mess. I can't get anything into chronological order, and if I check on earlier work,  client information comes to the top of the list and stays there instead of going back to where it belongs in history.


I can't archive anything either.


Inefficient is too light a word to describe the present set up.



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Adele W Member Since: Jan 13, 2015
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I've had issues with sometimes being taken straight to the message screen (and being unable to escape it) for a while, even while it was still oDesk. I'm not even sure how I manage to get out of it. I think I just try clicking on anything on the page until it takes me somewhere else.


It's hard to believe this is a website in 2015. Feels like 2006 functionality.


I noticed one of my messages was edited on here the other day and couldn't work out why until I noticed I had the previous version loaded up from before. Comparing them I could see that it was that when quoting, it had inadvertently given the user's username (which contained their surname) rather than their name and initial. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. 

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Collin D Member Since: Jul 3, 2015
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One would think that clicking on the Upwork logo would bring one to a homepage of their choosing. Much of the time, it just refreshes the current page - some of which cannot be navigated away from.

Just make that logo link to a homepage universally. Problem solved. That's seriously like, the #1 most basic, simple, universal navigation thing every website does. Except here. Which is weird.

Community Guru
Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I still can't get to the jobs page. I am still being asked to chat to someone I don't want to chat to. My name appears to be attached to an old (repeat) client, but one I haven't heard from for ages. I have to give my password or my secret word every time I try to switch pages.


Added to Collin's comment about being allowed to land on the page of choice, here are questions that maybe an enlightened someone here can answer :


1) I want to put my clients into chronological order. How do I do this?
2) I want to archive some of the messages in my box. How do I do this?
3) If I search an old contact or client I want them to remain in their chronological order. I do not want to see them all every which way in the list on the left hand of my page.  How do I do this?
4) How do I permanently delete people asking to chat and who appear as a main message I do NOT want them cluttering up an already untidy message system. I do not want to chat to anyone unless it is on the forum.

5) How do I cut those **** silly repetitive  factoids  off in their prime?


So how has everyone's day been? As productive as mine I hope. Smiley Mad




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Adele W Member Since: Jan 13, 2015
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Might be a long shot, but have you tried clearing your cache/cookies etc? This might trick it out of the loop!

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Thanks Adele,

I did try all these things and using four different browsers and two computers. I think the problem was much more complicated.


However, I am very happy to report that Upwork has just returned me to the old message system, which I find much simpler, smoother and faster. So I thank CS for sorting this out for me.

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Sherri N Member Since: Feb 21, 2018
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I agree. I have been trying to get set up but it keeps sending a text I never receive so that I can't even get set up. And there is no customer service. Just the runaround. Oh wait, that is customer service but not good customer service.

Community Guru
Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Sherri,


I'm sorry to hear that. Could you please give us some more details about the issue you are experiencing so we could assist you? Thanks!