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When to increase rate?

So I have a client that I have been working for that is based out of the state that I am currently living in. Everything has been going very well and they now would like assistance in person with a few projects. I've only been working with them for about a month, and would be interested in taking on work to connect in person, however, I feel my rate for additional responsibilities should be increased.


Has anyone experienced this before? Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated. 




If you feel underpaid, raise it.

Either they accept it or they won't.

I don't see the point to continue a work relationship where you don't feel valued enough.

How do you raise your rate on an ongoing contract?

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Hi Shanice and Katie,


Check out this thread we have about this topic for more ideas and suggestions from experienced freelancers.

~ Valeria

What is the best way to approach to raise your hourly rate with an existing client? 

Tell him you want a raise.

Where is that fear coming from I notice at plenty of freelancers?

If you are unhappy with the current rate and he doesn't accept the raise, you got rid of a badly paying job. thats actually something positive!


Tell him politely that you feel that you are putting greater value to the project than the current payment reflects, and that you would like to have your expertice compensated in a better way to be able to continue to dedicate yourself to the success of the project.

Alternatively send a nice message taking the opportunity to thank them for their business, wishing them a happy Christmas, and informing them that as of January 1st your rate will be $ XX.XX


You are a business, not an employee.


The time to raise your rate is when you have more work than you can handle at your current rate.


As a side-note: Setting a profile rate more than twice what you are actually currently working at causes nothing but issues. Raise rates incrementally and organically.