When will Upwork join the 21st century? Or - why the hell does it take two weeks to calculate JSS?

JSS has never been a particularly concerning thing for me. For god knows how long I have had 100% rating, Top Rated badge and recently have crossed $100k in completed contracts.


Until February 4 I was a respected, top ranking freelancer - from February 5 I'm a mediocre provider with a rating of 78%.

So I've come to learn how idiotic the JSS algorithms are. How they apply significant weight to insignificant factors created in a completely arbitrary and opaque way which can **bleep** over anybody quite literally overnight. My guess is the author of it all is **Edited for Community Guidelines**  responsible for the entire backend which took two years of pain and endless fixes to ridiculous bugs to have the site working decently well.

The last public feedback I received was 4.7/5.0. No other jobs were rated recently. How is it that one day you can be a hero and another turn into, practically, a zero?

How is it that JSS is limited to particular thresholds of 6/12/24 months? In other words a freelancer with 5 years of successful history has practically zero advantage of a guy who has been here a year or two. Is that how you reward loyalty? Because, guess what - you don't inspire any.

And here we arrive at the most comical exhibition of Upwork's incompetence yet - the time span for JSS calculation. One could be forgiven for thinking that we live in the 21st century and a simple addition and division of a handful of factors to produce a number could be done on the fly. Surely on a service that's been around for donkey's years and is one of the largest freelance job marketplaces around. But no.

Clearly it has to be couned by hand by **Edited for Community Guidelines** because that's the only reasonable explanation of a TWO WEEK span between updates.

I have received yet another 5 star feedback, so obviously I was hoping it would be reflected in the score - but oh no! I have been condemned for at least two weeks - during which god knows what the **bleep** is going to happen anyway - worst of all, in the midst of negotiating with a client who has seen me as a 100% Top Rated provider already - and now I'm secretly hoping he simply isn't going to notice his monumental **bleep** up that came out of the blue.

Why the hell does it take so long? Why is everything so slow here? You take an absolutely obscene amount of money for your services - more than some governments take in taxes - and you can't smoothly run a glorified Craigslist for jobs, with a simple messenger and Escrow system attached to it? FFS

Community Manager
Community Manager



I'd like to address a couple of points you bring up in your post. 


- We take calculations of the Job Success score for the past 6-, 12- and 24 months and display the best one of the three to make sure the score reflects more recent information about freelancers' performance on their contracts. Clients can still see freelancers' full Work History and Feedback as well as total jobs worked, hours billed and earnings.


- There are several reasons why Job Success score is updated every two weeks. Note,  that users have 14 days to provide their feedback on a closed contract. Also, we want to make sure that the integrity and privacy of private feedback is protected.


Additionally, please be mindful of the Community Guidelines when posting on these boards.

~ Valeria

Use the top-rated perk if you are eligible.


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