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Where are my client's "invites" to work a job?

First of all, I can't believe they don't make it simple to contact someone at UpWork. _- Thanks to whoever will read this and offer some help...

My client claims that he sent me "an invite" with the flat rate for a job we agreed to. BUT I don't see that anywhere. He also says that on his end it shows as "pending contractor approval". I have looked everywhere and each checked my email but I don't see this. Can someone tell me if I am missing something? 

Thank you!

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You can find them here and here:




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Thanks for the prompt response. I don't show any of that. I will ask him to resend it again. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abel,


Please follow up and send me the job post link in a pm in case you're still experiencing the problem, so I can check and if needed reach out to the client to assist them further and update you directly.

~ Vladimir
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