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Where are the Upwork "fact checkers"?

I have seen the same ridiculous design job posted DOZENS of times just this morning in my feed... and dozens more over the past few days. I thumbs downed them all and flagged one to UW. Then there was another one for a ridiculous (large) amount of money that said "telegram" us at (phone number) which I flagged just for the use of the word "telegram"... last time I checked this was 2022. And another this morning where the location time was 5:11 PM... it is not 5:11 PM ANYWHERE in the US right now... not for at least another 5 hours.


Where is Upwork **Edited for Community Guidelines**? It is wasting a lot of our time wading through**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Yes, this is an ongoing problem that Upwork is well aware of. Thank you for flagging them and reporting them here. I've flagged more than 20 in the past half-hour.

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