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Where can I see the other freelancers applying for the same job

Hello everyone,


Firstly I would like to say that I enjoy upwork very much. However, there's one issue that I still don't understand.


When I first signed up here a while back, whenever I clicked on a job, I could clearly see how many proposals were submitted for that same job and I could see which freelancers applied for this position.


However, since this major update, I can't see the other freelancers who have applied for the same job. I would like to know if there's a different section that I need to go in order to see the other proposals. 


If someone can direct me exactly on where I can find the other freelancers who applies for a job that I'm contemplating on applying that would be awesome.


I would like to know because this way I can see who has applied for the position and see if they have a better job success rate, more hours, higher percentage completetion, etc... This way, I can save my connects instead of wasting them on a job which I wouldn't be selected.


Thank you all for reading this and I would appreciate an answer really quickly.

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