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Where can I send Upwork some feedback about clients mis-categorizing jobs?

Hello All.  

I am new to Upwork, have my profile 100% filled out, and work exclusely in the field of voice-over.  

In my jobs-feed, about 80% of the jobs are for videography of some sort.   It seems that clients posting jobs for on-screen video presence, such as the creation of product testimonials, spokespeople, clients looking for YouTube or Tik Tok content creators, etc., are unclear about what a voice-over is. 

As such, their job posts bloat my job feed with inapplicable jobs because almost ALL of them select the Voice Over, Voice Talent, Voice Actor in addition to their videography selections, when they have NO voiceover job as part of their job offering.  They just mistakenly think that the characters on screen speaking might constitute a voice-over, which it doesn't. 

I have some helpful feedback for Upwork (requiring no response) which might help them prompt those job posters more productively and accurately in their job classification process.  But I cannot find where to submit it.  

Anyone know where to send it?  Thanks!

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I can see that you have added some skills that don't seem relevant to your job. You can see the profiles of others who work in your sector and what skills they have added.

Note: Please don't copy other profiles.




Hello Yasin, thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions.  I have eliminated the two that might have contributed to getting so many videography results in my jobs feed... those were 'Video Narration' and 'Documentary Video'.   

I actually want those two categories to be an area of emphasis in my work, which is why I added them, but maybe the term 'Video' produces the video results. so I will eliminate them for simplicity. 

Can you tell me which other skills don't seem relevant to my job?  E-learning, perhaps?  That's the only other one I can see, though I'd like to do the voice-overs for E-learning jobs.  Still, I'll eliminate that if you advise.  Thanks!    

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