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Where do I find VAT number of Upwork?



I would like to emit invoices to Upwork as a compapy registered in Romania. This is how I can legally withdraw money from Upwork into a bank account of my company. In order to do so, I have to include in my invoices VAT number of another compony to which the invoices will be issued that is VAT number of Upwork. This is needed for reverse tax, so that I don't pay VAT myself in Romania. Where do I find VAT number of Upwork?



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Community Manager

Hi Igor,


You can access invoices for payments clients sent to you in your Transaction History. On those invoices, you'll be able to see the client's address and VAT number if they provided them on their account. You'll also be able to access invoices for the Service Fees, Membership and Connects purchases in your Transaction History with invoices.


Thank you!



~ Bojan
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