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Where is Tech Support for UPWORK PLATFORM PROBLEMS?

I have spent 1.5 hours trying to submit a proposal.  Errors on all 5 browsers that I used, as I searched and found some complaints about Upwork not working with certain browsers.  I can see that there is a notification that states that there may be delays in the platform now, which I am assuming is Upwork's well worn euphemism for 'our platform is down'.  But I was hoping for the best and continued troubleshooting using different browser / content combinations, to no avail.


I am a premium member, I got an invitation to submit a proposal that I am very interested in, and I have spend 2 hours TRYING TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL!  Caps on purpose, this is ridiculous that the basic function of your platform doesn't work, and there is no reasonable way to get help. 


Please someone, from Upwork, prove me wrong and explain and FIX this problem.  I have attached the screenshots of some 500 errors, and CORS issues(!).  This should be an immediate tech support issue, but I can not find your tech support.  If I am posting in the wrong place please accept my apologies, I looked around for a while and found nothing.  If this is actually the place to post these types of problems then there are bigger problems.





Hi Karim,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please know, our engineers are aware of the issues. They are currently investigating and will address these issues as soon as possible. Feel free to check and subscribe to our Status page for the most recent updates. We appreciate your patience while we're getting this fixed.



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