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Where is customer support for freelancers?

Active Member

I'm having an issue that would be easily resolved if I could have a direct conversation with someone who works at Upwork.


Is there a way, outside of having to use Twitter, to get someone's attention with a direct email exchange?


If someone from Upwork could reply with an email address I'd appreciate it.



My problem has to do with billings and payments. I'm finding that recent billings do not show up in reports, and that it's quite a challenge to see whether the client has paid or not.


Interestingly, the client showed me a screen shot that they paid for 1 project, yet it does not show in my reporting.


I billed for a second project, yet it does't show in my lifetime billings.

Community Guru

Michael, I'm not an Upwork employee; I'm just a Freelancer.  Hopefully a Moderator will come along shortly to assist you.


Have you attempted to access Help via the "Help and Support" area?  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michael,


I believe you are referring to your hourly contract. In that case, the payments are processed according to the Weekly Billing Cycle, you just need to make sure you track the hours you work using Upwork Desktop App. You can go to your Reports> Overview and see the status of your payment. Also, you should be able to access your available support channels by clicking Get Help button on this page.

~ Valeria



I, too, found this to be confusing when I first started using Upwork.


Many reports and numbers and displays on Upwork are not updated instantaneously. There are many pieces which have update cycles, sometimes hourly, sometimes, daily, sometimes weekly. Some things get updated once every two weeks.


Once one gets used to that, it all seems normal. But for person new to the platform... yeah, it can seem like something isn't working right.