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Where is my money?


I've got really strange situation.


Update: Money was credited back to my Upwork account just after I've published this post. Looks like whining on forum helps Smiley Happy

I'm new to Upwork and I tried to make my first withdrawal to PayPal.

I've configured a Payment Method and everything seemed to be OK.
But when the day of scheduled payment came I've received an email from Upwork, which said that "Scheduled payment of $*** via PayPal account failed, and the money has been credited back to your account.".

The problem is that money hasn't been credited back. On the "Get Paid" page this transaction is displayed as successful. Money hasn't arrived to my PayPal account too.

First of all I've called PayPal phone support. They said that my account is ready to receive money and that they don't see any failed transactions.

Then I wrote to Upwork support. They said that "transfer is still on a pending status" and that "funds arrive in your PayPal account within 24 hours".

I've waited for 24 hours. Still no money arrived to my PayPal. Still no money has been credited back to my Upwork account.


I've wrote to Upwork support again. No answer from them for already more than 10 hours.

Seems like my money just disappeared. It gone from Upwork but didn't came to PayPal. And more than 36 hours already passsed.


Did some of you faced with such situation? What should I do now?


Update: Money was credited back to my Upwork account just after I've published this post. Looks like whining on forum helps Smiley Happy

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You are lucky - I had money disappear about 35 days ago ... I am still waiting to figure out where it went.. countless emails back and forth with customer service. 



I used the "get paid now" option 5 hours ago and it said the transfer to Pay Pal was succesful, but there is no money in my paypal account yet...I am currently waiting for the 24 hours to pass before making a move towards CS here on upwork. 

I plan on calling Pay Pal Client Service tomorrow and see what this is all about, but truth be told I don't like this one bit! You wait for around 5 days to be able to access your money after receiving them and then this? It's like working without being sure if your employer plans on paying you this month or the next...I wonder how people who depend on this money manage...

I've been reading a bit around the Upwork forums and seeing how this issue has precedent, I've decided to request information and ultimately, help.


From my understanding, the option all freelancers have when they want to receive their earnings faster than scheduled is called "Get paid". I've waited around 5-6 days for each of my pending payments to enter my Upwork account, after which I decided to use the "Get paid" option today. Lo and behold, the money did not enter my Paypal account...and let me mention that my Paypal account is not new and is a few months old, I have a card attached to it and I've also successfully used it to buy items online in May 2016.


Therefore, my questions are: Why do approved transactions take more than mentioned? Will it eventually go through? What does "eventually" mean, in this case? And that is important for me, because -in my opinion- when someone requests a "Get paid now" option it means one needs the money now, not in 5 days or 5 weeks or so on.


If anyone has any idea as to why this is happening, please let me know. I would be forever grateful!

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I had this exact same situation a few weeks ago and Paypal denied responsibility just as they did to you--but, less than three minutes after I hung up the phone with Paypal, the transaction went through.

In my case, there was no need to call Paypal client service after all!


After requesting help here, on the forums, the amount of money reappeared in my Upwork account and, this time, the transfer went smoothly, the same amount of money appearing only seconds later after I solicited the "Get paid now" option.


Hopefully this was a one-time, unfortunate event!


Thank you for solving this in such a short amount of time, Upwork! 

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It is so painful anyway,5 days now, after reporting my case yet I have not received my payments..........

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