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Where to check Category of contract

I'm trying to figure out how much more I need to earn on a contract for it to be considered a 'large contract'


"The criteria for a “large contract” is specific to the contract category." Says the Top Rates Plus article.


From the given categories, my current contract could be classified as both Admin Support or Customer Support, and both of them have different earning requirements.


Is there a section somewhere on my profile which says what category my contract falls under? Thanks!

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On a computer/laptop (not a phone):


Go to 'My Jobs' - > 'My Jobs'
Click the Job you want to know about

Click 'Details'



Scroll down to 'Description'

Click 'View original job posting'




You'll find the 'Specialty' or Category right under the job title





Usually what you'll see is a 'specialty', which is a sub-set of a Category.  If you aren't sure which Category that Specialty belongs to, you can check this list Upwork has:



Thank you. This method would help identify most contracts and categories. But mine is still somewhat vague.


As I could still be classified under two categories. I guess, I'll know when I reach the required earning level.

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