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Who else wants more modern filtering!?

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Corey H Member Since: Sep 14, 2015
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I'm sure a bunch of us have been there, the frustration you get when you realize narrowing based on expertise does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, when there are so many jobs posted that omit that qualifier. So even if you limit to three star posts, you are bombarded with the "zero stars."


I would also love to see the ability to hide job posts from certain users. There are certain clients, that you just know you will never consider taking a job from, whether it be bad feedback or well established sweatshop reminiscent hourly rates. The ability to hide/block is ubiquitous among social media websites, It really would add to the userfriendlyness/efficiency of the site.


Anyone else on board? We should get a solid backing on it and pitch it to support. I could imagine that it would also make Upwork attractive to more freelancers.

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John P Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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100%. It's crazy not to have that.


I jsut started on UpWork today, but the signal to noise ratio is terrible. So, so hard to find what you're looking for.