Who is the freelancer behind the stock photo?

Did a search first for fake profile photo, and photo, and decided to just ask here. 


Are stock photos allowed as profile pictures? I google searched someone's and it came up as a for purchase stock photo. 


To me, that's a bit sketchy. The freelancer isn't a photograper, the person's a writer. Or are they? How does anyone know what their field is really? 




Well, technically you're always given a second chance here if you completely plagiarize your profile and pretend to be a model for stuff like eyewear, so you can just use fake info and then say you're sorry and admit that your mouse finger slipped and then you can go along your merry fraudulent way. I'd say it's allowed only once.

Thanks Jennifer!!!

good to know. 

I'll do a report. 

But I thought pictures would be verified from some countries?

Well "Daniel" the eyeglass model from a few threads down got his account curb stomped because he couldn't submit ID for "personal reasons," so I suppose after you've exhausted that first pass to be a terrible person, you might have action taken on your account. 

well golly gosh darn it all! pardon my French... 

I didn't see any eyeglass model on the threads. I miss everything!!! lol. 

You missed a man of perfect vision due to his elegant eyeglasses, perfect skin, and great lighting. Pretty sure I saw botox though. It's preventative.

Even though I didn't see the photo, I'm going to agree with the Botox theory because no lighting is that perfect. 😉 

and did a google search on a sentence on the profile and it led me to the real person (hopefully) who has the exact same profile information on her elance profile.  Or is it the same person who decided she didn't like how she looked and paid for a stock photo? Don't know, but it's going in the report! 😉 

People often think I've used a stock photo, as they can't believe that such a beautiful humanoid would be gracing the hallowed halls of Upworkshire. They think I've swiped the photo of some kind of international super model, with slightly thinning hair and an ever increasing mass around the stomach area. I can assure you, it is me. 

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

I'm shocked that you aren't an international fashion model Scott! 

I'm also a bit disappointed, actually. 😞 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mariska,


Please send all your findings directly to Support so our team can investigate further and take action against the user.


Please note that there's a chance this profile might actually belong to Scott's multitalented twin brother.


I sent my findings to CS and it was dealt with swiftly. Thanks  Vladimir! 


Don't tell me there's TWO of Scott?!?! My heart can't take it!!!! 

Lena needs to set up a cheeseball pickup line award and then put Scott E up there as "featured." 🙂

Scott does have a 'way' about him Jennifer. 

I second your motion!!!


I am continually astounded at the sheer number of gorgeous female developers coming out of a certain country.  Either they are bred to code there or, and yes far more likely, they are fake photos.  In fact I'll go one step further and say the person behind the profile is probably not even female in many cases.  Can't prove it but let's just say the stats don't support the volume.

It's always a dude behind the monitor. And then they give themselves a name like Nancy Johnson. It makes me LOL