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Who is the right client for the New Freelancer and What is the right time for sending Proposals?

Hey all Fellows and Experts,


We keep on sending proposals to different clients at different intervals. A few of them Payment methods are verified and a few are not. After posting the jobs, some of the clients disappear for months or forever; ultimately wasting our Upwork Connects. So my questions are: -


Q 1.  How can we judge, which of the job is good for sending a proposal and what is the best time to send a proposal?

Q 2. Should we send proposals within a few minutes after the Job posting or can send them after 12 hours or more to win a job?

Q 3. Is there any way forward to report such bogus clients to Upwork who do not respond back even after a month? 


Kindly share your experience to help new freelancers to build their bright careers at Upwork.



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  1. When looking for a job to send a proposal for, it's important to review the client's profile (including their feedback and hiring rate) and to ensure that your skills match the job requirements.
  2. The best time to send a proposal can vary. But it's generally best to send it as soon as possible to increase your chances of being considered.
  3. It can be frustrating when clients disappear after posting a job on Upwork. Unfortunately, this is a common issue.
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