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Who should send the offer?

I got a invitation to be interview from a potential client. We did it and he is now asking me to send him the offer and contract. Is that possible as a freelancer or he is the one that should send the offer?


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In this case u can treat your client as a direct client and follow the instructions given in the link below. In case you are not sure about the commercials then i suggest you to go through the job description once again and have a call with them so that you could charge them appropriately. Hope this was helpful.



No, she cannot do this; direct contracts are for when you're bringing one of your own clients to Upwork, not for clients who are already on Upwork! She just needs to tell the client to send the offer.

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Only the client can create & send offers, freelancers can only 'propose' contracts - and that only with repeat clients. After receiving proposal from a freelancer, the client will need to create an offer and send back. After freelancer accepts, work starts.

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Is he new and unaware how this works? If he has even one prior or job in progress, be careful.

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