Why Account Hold, I have 5 Star Rating on all my Jobs?

I have 5-star rating for all the jobs i completed yet. I have a negative private review few day but that was due to mis-understanding from both ends. I am working as Online Reputation Manager and client ask me after hiring that i have to develop a site which i don't even know. Then why i am getting punished for this.


Can anybody help me with this.


Thank & Regards

Pankaj Verma (SKRM)


Hi Pankaj V,


We are having a member of our team look into your account and someone will be following up with you on this matter.



Pankaj V


Hi, I have not get any response, please help me ASAP. Also every time i contacted Customer support they send me same reply, i don't think my questions are answered by Human Beings.

Now i have only 1 hourly job, all other are fixed price long term jobs and I am having trouble in my survival due to this account hold. Every job i completed, all my clients gave me 5 Start not even 4.9. 


I know i ended 2-3 projects without any payment transfers in past months but those are due to mis-understandin from both sides. Please help me to solve this issue ASAP. Its affecting my life to great extent.


I shall be very thankful to you, for replying to my mails..