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Why Can't I See The Feedback On My Profile?



I am new here -- just above a week old -- and trying to get a grasp of things.


I am a bit surprised that I am unable to contact the Upwork support team directly (typically via email). Well, I've got an issue...


A client whose job I completed yesterday left a feedback. I did the same too. However, I can see the feedback I left for said client but can't see mine on my profile.... what's wrong?


Also, my work history reads "2 jobs" but only the first is showing on my profile. Please, I need some help here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Victor,


It usually takes up to 24 hours for your profile to update and show the most recent changes. I've refreshed your profile and the second contract you completed is now displayed in your Work History.


Keep Up the good work.

~ Vladimir

Thanks a ton, Vladimir.


Keep up the good work too. Upwork rocks! 🙂